PHL In-Net: Initiatives

To support HEIs in the Philippines in strengthening their capacities to update, implement and sustain their internationalization policies, ANTENA In-Net offers the following services:

  1. Annual capacity building training activities, a major initiative of the ANTENA network is the capacity building of Philippine partner HEIs through module development, national training workshops, and replication workshops. The national training workshops are meant to train trainers from the ten ANTENA PH partner HEIs on internationalization. The replication workshops are regional workshops intended to echo or cascade the learnings to other private and public HEIs in the various regions of the country.

  2. Annual and structured mentoring and pairings between advanced and less advanced Philippine HEIs in internationalization.

  3. Annual conferences that cover different aspects of internationalization with central focus the exchange of best practices (including but not limited to mobility, exchanges, international research and curriculum, strategic planning, and international projects)

  4. Regular info-sessions for the dissemination of news and information regarding policies, promotion of projects and other initiatives in internationalization

  5. Representation of the Philippines Higher Education sector in international events
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Annual capacity building training activities
Annual and structured mentoring and pairings
Annual conferences
Regular info-sessions
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